Discover your own potential in Solar Plexus Chakra

It is responsible for courage, self-esteem and achieving goals. If you feel that you have difficulty with it, read on …

The third energy center is located in the lumbar spine. It supplies energy to vital organs of the abdominal cavity. It recalls that the source of power is within us, not outside. If our inner fire burns strongly enough in life like challenges, we achieve their goals and look forward to their own success. According to Eastern philosophy good contact with their chakras leads to internal development. What will you work with the third chakra? Access to your own potential.
internal power

Lack of awareness of their own power has its roots in childhood. It then built a sense of values based on the positive or negative evaluations environment. We believed in hundreds of false judgments. We adopted them as the ultimate truth just because they spoke it important for us people. These opinions resound in us in the form of voice Internal Criticism in the moments when we want to take up the challenge to end a toxic relationship or fulfill their dreams. Instead, use your courage, we begin to identify with fear.

A power comes from within. This is the fire that drives the action and take the most appropriate decision for us. It is aware of its value and uniqueness. Because there is no other in the world of such a creature as you. The aim of every human being should be the continuous development of their own potentials. So it is good to see the effects of their actions, so it is great to feel satisfied with their creativity!
chakra niedoczynna

Poor plexus chakra is associated with low self-esteem, pessimism, weak will and docility. A person who is not working properly, cling to what is familiar. Do not take challenges, not committed to long-term goals, he likes life orderly and stable. The smallest change can cause anxiety in her. This results in that year is in relation toxic or work that takes its energy. It can be hard to distinguish between what is her will, and the will of another human being. He can not deny, and show their dissatisfaction, they often take on their shoulders more than he could bear. Like a dormant volcano, which one day can suddenly explode and make rapid changes. May have difficulty making decisions and taking responsibility for their choices. Often the dominant chooses partners who help her in life.
chakra hyperactive

Too active plexus causes a lack of emotional balance and experiencing mental tension. A person with hyperactive plexus chakra has a strong need for power. The relationship introduces possessiveness, jealousy and manipulation. He tends to violate the limits of physical and mental. Such a person is difficult to understand a different vision of reality. Stubbornness and self-centeredness make it very difficult to persuade her to change her mind. It may take hasty decisions and risky ventures just to prove their strength and social rank.


In harmony

To harmonize the solar plexus, surrounding a yellow color in clothing and home and eat yellow vegetables and fruits. You can also use the following visualization exercise or perform with the release of his own voice:

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Imagine yellow-golden shield the sun in the sky and golden rays, which are directed to your plexus chakra. Now imagine that these rays form a ball of yellow-golden light in your abdomen. Plexus center becomes the power and vitality.
Feet set parallel, and bend your legs slightly. With the breath raise your hands up, hands and joints take a slight swing head.
On the exhale hinging at the front. Try to shout from the diaphragm: “ha!”. With the next breath raise the arms above the head, and on the exhale retake the slope, shouting: “Ha!”. Repeat several times.


Sustainable energy gives a sense of inner harmony, security, easier to acquire contacts with people. Take advantage of the energy of the Solar Plexus Chakra, when you are confronted with a dilemma and you have to solve a problem. Then this energy will allow you to get rid of any fears and uncertainties. Activated and balanced solar plexus can also help you in taking high exams and conducting important conversations. The energy of the chakras allows you to understand each other and work out a mechanism of self-control, so that you will be able to make wise life choices by what life will be easier and better.
If you are lost, and your thoughts are very chaotic you should activate the third chakra.

When you keep your balance at the level of an energy center you will regain strength and you will have no problems. To regain balance is beneficial yellow and stones: tiger eye, citrine, amber, topaz. It is therefore important to develop in himself inner balance through which you can attract to yourself what is good and necessary.